Shocking Internet Marketing Scams I Just Found!!!


I just wanted you to know that the guys selling their internet money making system (under the email name of Youtube Tsunami Method, IncomeSociety or Adeel Chowdhry) using my name and likeness are NOT AUTHORIZED to do so by me and I am not associated with them in ANY way.

Furthermore, I do not endorse or recommend their product in ANY way. I have never even seen their product and I don’t know these guys. They never contacted me asking my permission to use my trademarked name and likeness in their marketing campaigns and I consider this a gross violation of my rights.

I do plan to pursue this matter with my attorneys, we’ll see what happens and I’ll let you know. As for the other guy… the total slime ball that deliberately designed his upsell page “trap”, well I have reported him to the Federal Trade Commission as well as the FBI cyber division.

I think we need to weed out the scammers from the Internet Marketing field. It’s the few rotten slime balls that give the industry a black eye and I for one want to see this sort of thing eliminated and the “perps” penalized.

If you’re an internet marketer please conduct yourself in a honorable, professional manner. Treat your prospective clients with respect! Don’t resort to underhanded trickery and deception for the sake of a fast buck.

Ethics & a moral compass go a long way so get real and stop all the underhanded crap! Just my two cents worth.

Maximum respect to my viewers!

Shocking Internet Marketing Scams I Just Found!!!

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