Internet Marketing Tips for Your Business

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The key to the success of your business is the ability to attract new customers, while maintaining a strong returning client base. This is especially true for small business owners. The most effective and affordable way to find new customers is to take advantage of the unbounded opportunities the Internet has to offer.

The Internet has become the primary portal for consumers to look for products and services. Tools such as phone books, newspaper advertisements and other such traditional media are losing effectiveness while maintaining their high price tag.

The most effective and affordable way to get establish a new customer base is by using online marketing. This can include your website, SEO, social media, and video or mobile marketing. The fact is that when people are looking products and services, the Internet plays a huge part in their final decision.


Sterling Mckinley

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Internet Marketing Tips for Your Business

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  1. Tell Your Business says:

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    youre the man sterling! glad i found this video

  3. VideoInfoMan says:

    Thanks for sharing Sterling.
    – Grow Succeed Online –

  4. Hasan Arslan says:

    Great video, thanx so much. 

  5. Md.Rafiqul Islam says:

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  7. toni markovski says:

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  8. biggiebesh says:

    1 year later and I found this video. Amazing ideas will buy the ebook!
    Thank a 

  9. Vijay s says:

    is that posiible to deliver the best service and earn as well in internet

  10. Chetan Bangre says:

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  11. Passive- AffiliateMarketing says:

    Thanks for reminding me on what is really necessary to make more money and
    that is giving.I really liked the idea of looking the whole web as a social

  12. hisblackcat says:

    great presentation!

  13. Lynnette Astaire says:

    YES! plenty of ah ha moments for me – time to get my hippie martha stewart
    empire into full gear! thanks for sharing :-)

  14. ClickFunnels - E-Commerce Website Builder says:

    Great tips, tks a lot…

  15. Daniel Nicholson says:

    How to make the Website work for your business

    Being an analyst I have a duty to make sure that my company gets a
    financial plan that works fine and is enough to get through in offering
    customers what they need. I analyze the aspects and then develop a plan.
    One of the similar kinds I do is with my website and my blog. It’s all
    about getting the people to visit your website and generate revenue. This
    video explains that quite easily.
    The video tells what your business website must have or should have if it
    is to be successful. Being successful does not only mean to generate
    revenue, it can be generated via ads but it also means to give your web
    customers what they are looking for. For that the tips are:
    Do not just sell. The website must not be there just to sell. It must be
    developed to build relationship. It can be done quite easily with you
    giving the visitors some benefits. Give away something free; it can be an
    eBook or consultation etc. or anything. One of the key to success of some
    online companies such as Nike is that they communicate and make sure that
    their customers are satisfied. This is what the online marketing gives you.
    It is a way to communicate even better way than the traditional means.
    Internet is one of the best tools for marketing, 97% of people look over
    the web for local products. So if you give them what they need via proper
    web channels, your web business will be a success.
    The company needs to be social to build trust with clients. So, another
    good tip given here is to make your business social. Then will the money
    come in. an example given in the video about a website is perfect. With
    that example users can learn a lot. A website about some person is given
    and the interface is shown. Of course the thing wrong about that website
    was that it was not customer oriented. There was nothing for the customers.
    So if you are to get success for your website then it has to be customer
    oriented, not just about your business. If a website is built just to
    praise the company, it won’t be successful. A simple thing to build trust
    is to have a website that is customer oriented.
    The video really is quite useful for those who already has a website and is
    looking to make it successful and learn how to use it for better. Being an
    analyst I give a lot of tips to my company or anyone who needs, and then
    also being an internet marketing expert I do give a lot of advice. I am
    sure that with this video you will know how to make it work. For even
    better analysis and insights visit my blog. 

  16. Darrell Spears says:

    Great video for new businesses try to get going. Looking forward to
    connecting soon.

  17. Jamie Izaks says:

    Thanks for the video, Sterling. Great info! If you do any about #FranchisePR
    , give me a holler!
    Jamie I
    All Points PR — #ChicagoPRAgency

  18. Grooby doo says:

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  19. Victoria Sheffield says:

    The video is very professional. It resembles a commercial! I love it!!

  20. Powerhouse of Thoughts says:

    Great marketing video!!

  21. Zanra Consulting says:

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  22. Zanra Consulting says:

    Want to start or improve your Online Marketing? Watch this video-

  23. IM With Success says:

    great video
    gonna watch it later
    link saved! ;)

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