What Are Website Archiving Services

In today’s digital age, information is crucially important to organizations of all sizes. For many businesses their websites are the key portal to their clients and in many cases there are thousands of pages, images, videos, documents and database entries associated. In order to preserve certain points in time you […] Read more »

Commercial Web Archiving Solutions for the New Age

The market and demand for commercial web archiving is growing at a phenomenal pace. From large conglomerate enterprises to small scale research and think tank firms are show more and more reliance on web archiving strategies to bolster their businesses. Web archiving is a mechanism to collect and preserve chunks […] Read more »

Important Features Of Social Media Archiving Software Solutions

Similar to email, business records are created on social media. The manner in which businesses communicate with customers has changed. In the past, customers may have sent an email to your customer support, today they often send you a tweet, or write a Facebook post. Today, social media has undoubtedly […] Read more »

How To Archive Your Website

Archiving your website is extremely important, no matter whether you have a business or personal website. Although you pay for a website, the webhost is not responsible for backing up your work. Most websites have a section where you can easily press a few buttons and backup your work. If […] Read more »