Best Practices Exchange 2016 – Web Archiving in Academia

Web Archiving in Academia: Collection Strategies Beyond the Institutional Domain

Presented by Kevin C. Miller, University Archivist at the University of California, Davis.

With the Internet Archive turning 20 this year, and its subscription service Archive-it turning 10, this is an excellent time for reflection on the current state of best practices for web archiving. This presentation will examine and analyze web archiving strategies and collection development approaches by a sampling of academic and cultural heritage institutions, highlighting trends and noting opportunities for collaboration. using the UC Davis Library’s web archiving program as a case study, this presentation will further probe the potential for web archiving to highlight and preserve the teaching, research, and service activities of university faculty and staff.

Recorded on November 1, 2016 in the Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building in downtown Sacramento as part of the 2016 Best Practices Exchange. BPE is an ‘un’-conference, an informal gathering of practitioners with a focus to manage, preserve, and prove access to digital government information. The Exchange provides an opportunity to discuss real-world experiences, including best practices and lessons learned.

Best Practices Exchange 2016 – Web Archiving in Academia

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